Join the Cyberspace Law Committee at the ABA 2004 Annual Meeting

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Long Live Pura Vida

The group had a very fun evening last night at Pura Vida for the Annual Cyberspace Law Committee Dinner. Congratulations to Ms. Scheib (we're in Georgia afterall) on her efforts to set up the dinner.

The food was great. My only criticism was that the wine, beer, and sangria was flowing a bit too freely.

Thanks as well to Hank Judy, a partner at the law firm of Kirkpatrick and Lockhart that graciously donated funds to help keep the costs of the dinner as low as possible for the Committee. Thanks Hank, and thanks K&L.

We'll have pictures later, as soon as we find a one hour photo developing place that's open on Sundays in downtown Atlanta.