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Monday, July 26, 2004

Privacy Policy *UPDATED 7/28/2004*

We aren't planning on collecting any personally identifiable information about visitors to the Blog.  However, the host (Blogger) may collect information about visitors and site traffic, and we are using a free statistics/counter service (StatCounter) to track information about visitors to the site via cookies and other commonly used methods to track things like (a) the public or company networks people have been using when they accessed the Blog, (b) what Web sites have been used to link to the Blog, (c) the IP address of visitors, and (d) other information about your computer (resoultion, operating system, etc.).  To the extent we do collect any personally identifiable information about you (via the Comments feature, for example), we promise to treat it like we would want our own information treated.   You'll have to look to Blogger and StatCounter's privacy policies to learn how they may treat your data.

Blogger Privacy Policy

StatCounter Privacy Policy