Join the Cyberspace Law Committee at the ABA 2004 Annual Meeting

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Consumer Protection working group projects

After several years co-chairing the working group, Jean Braucher and Mark Budnitz have handed over the reins to Don Clifford from the Univ. of North Carolina. When you see Jean and Mark, be sure to thanks them for their pioneering work. Come meet and welcome Don at the January 2005 winter working meeting in Palo Alto.

The extant consumer online shopping educational resource, SafeShopping, was developed by the working group in 1999/2000, and is widely used by consumers (especially around holiday shopping periods). It's time to take another look at the site to make sure that it remains a relevant, accurate resource. If you're interested in participating (or if you spot errors there or have ideas for additions), please contact Don or Mark. Also, we're considering asking other organizations (like Consumers Reports, the consumer-protection divisions in State Attorneys Generals offices, etc.) to link to (as has been done by BBBonline).

Adware/spyware, SPAM, computer viruses and firewalls -- consumers are afflicted by these, but without in-house support from sophisticated corporate/lawfirm IT organizations. Much like, the working group is assessing a new project to develop consumer education tools, information, and other resources that will demystify these areas and help consumers protect themselves. Mark and Don are beginning to outline the scope of this project -- please email them with suggestions (e.g., should the project also deal with identity-theft?).