Join the Cyberspace Law Committee at the ABA 2004 Annual Meeting

Friday, August 06, 2004

Was that a trattoria or a night club?

On Friday evening Richard Keck and his firm, Troutman Sanders, hosted a cocktail party for members of the Cyberspace Committee. People had such a terrific time mingling that the firm eventually suggested we move on to our next destination. So Richard led a party of 14 cyberspacers to Il Localino, an Italian restaurant on North Highland Ave. Or was it a disco on North Highland Ave? All I know is that the meal was served "family style" with copious food and drink. Sometime during the appetizers the Bee Gees came on with
Staying Alive! It was largely a group activity after that - with the music ranging from Barry Manilow's Copa Cabana to Frank Sinatra - the group and other guests at the restaurant (including the head coaches of BOTH the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks) were grooving - on their feet and on the chairs. After that the Frank Sinatra "rat pack" party hats came out, and it was all we could do to keep Candace Jones and Scot Graydon from dancing on the table. Richard Keck and Jackie Scheib were dancing with the wait staff and the performance MUST have been good because they were each presented with red roses by the staff at the end of the night! Elizabeth Bowles treated the group to some salsa dancing. Mike Gordon kept asking for a "Freddie Mac" tune - but had to settle for shimming to Dancing Queen by ABBA. Kathy Porter, Mike Powers and John Ottaviani kept ordering more wine bottles. Tom Laudise offered to pay for the entire evening on Lenny Nuara's credit card - after we convinced him not to do that, he decided to make it up to us with a stirring lipsynch rendition of I WILL SURVIVE.

CORRECTION: As of this morning John Ottaviani claims it was Barry White, not him, that kept ordering more bottles of wine. Or something like that. I will need more coffee before true coherence sets in.

FURTHER CORRECTION: I am informed that the Atlanta Falcon's coach was not, in fact, in the restaurant. Simply the imagination of a confused fan fueled by too many glasses of Chianti.