Join the Cyberspace Law Committee at the ABA 2004 Annual Meeting

Monday, August 09, 2004

ABA Model Trading Partner Protocol

The group met this morning to enjoy Chocolate (yes, Jamie came through on the advertised promise) and work towards pushing the project across the finish line. The Model Electronic Commerce Trading Partner Covenants (2004) are nearly finished.

The group today included a few new members, and it also demonstrated a unique phenomenon that many of us enjoy about the Cyberspace Law Committee--the group included private practitioners, law professors, government regulators, representatives of standards-setting bodies, and in house lawyers. Together, they continued to grapple with the challenges of how to create contracts that will actually facilitate commerce and that won't stretch the current legal frameworks too much. Quintessential work of the Cyberspace Law Committee.

The draft of the 2004 Update is available here.

And, because we have the capabilities, but we haven't done it yet, we took a short Quicktime movie at the Working Group meeting. For history's sake. It's safe for viewing at work or in public places.