Join the Cyberspace Law Committee at the ABA 2004 Annual Meeting

Monday, August 09, 2004

Final Wrap for Committee Leadership

Monday afternoon, Vince and Candace called to order the last official meeting for the Committee at the 2004 Annual Meeting. Vince reminded of us some of the recent changes to the committee leadership structure, including:

  • The Internet Jurisdiction subcommittee and the Subcommittee on Global E-Commerce are merging into a single group, to be named at a later date. Michael Geist and John Gregory will co-lead the group (and will certainly propose that an upcoming Winter Working Meeting be held somewhere in Canada -- will the Minneapolis contingent be able to bear with the competition?).

  • John Lunseth is taking over the Programs chair from Hank Judy, and John has already begun to schedule out the Spring and Summer sessions for next year! Don't hesitate to get your ideas before John if you wish to be on the podium in the coming year.

  • Mike McGuire is passing on some of his current portfolio -- the seat on the ABA Publications Board -- to Eric Goldman. Mike will continue to hold the publications chair for the Committee, and has been tasked to expand the Committee's use of technology to communicate and work with its members (including the continuing expansion of this very blog!).

    We were joined during our meeting by the Chair of the ABA's Diversity Committee, Jackie Parker. Jackie and Vince reminded all of us of the ABA's -- and the Committee's -- standing goals to expand and maintain the diversity of our membership, leadership and those who present and create product for our committee. Jackie reminded us of many of the tools available to our groups. For example, the ABA and the Diversity Committee stand ready to provide references for potential speakers or authors with specific interests and areas of practice to join a panel. The ABA has programs to assist potential new members of our Committee with travel expenses, such as an outstanding program in conjunction with the Young Lawyers Division. If you would like to discuss any of these programs or ideas, be sure to contact Jackie: jacqueline-parker [at] bankone [dot] com.

  • And with that, we had planes to catch, and bills to pay. The sessions were officially closed.